Abroad Red; a football travel blog and a bad pun – I’m neither broad in relation to size, or gender.

After first watching United playing away in Europe over a decade ago I’ve been travelling more and more each season, visiting new cities and countries each time. I’ve always taken pictures during trips and kept memories of each, but decided to start blogging about it in 2015; partly so I could better relive the tales but also so I could share a little insight – there aren’t too many blogs detailing football trips abroad out there!

I’ve tried to cover as much of each trip as I can in every post, from the research, prep and preamble about each team and destination, to the sights, experience and match day atmosphere. It’s filled with a mix of facts, pictures and opinions, hopefully enough to cover interests in travelling to Europe or following a team like Manchester United abroad.

There’s not much more I can share here that you wont find on twitter (@heresjonnyp) though there’s a bit more here about why I decided to start a football travel blog.

Current count: 23 countries following United

33 of the 92 Football League grounds

Location: Manchester
Stretford End W3102

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